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More Effective Recruitment
Presentation to the Human Rights Commission
Age-Gender Discrimination at Work
Mapping Manager's Stereotypes

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Consultant Profile

Barry Partridge
Our lead consultant, Dr Barry Partridge has qualified in the areas of economics, engineering and business and holds a PhD in psychology. His research has explored the many challenges confronting 21st century organisations striving to adapt to increasingly demanding and competitive marketplaces. Dr Partridge has provided organisations with the tools to strengthen well-being and resilience through measurement, analysis, organisation-wide learning and improved workplace communication processes.

The rules have changed in the 21st Century. Is your business prepared?

In a world made flat by the openness of electronic business, distributed technology and wide scale mobility of people, improved organisational performance can be achieved by a questioning of established ways of doing things through the use of 21st century tools and new approaches to forge new directions.

Workplace Images can improve organisational performance by focusing on the well-being and resilience of the workforce within your organisation. This contributes to longer term growth and sustainability by building on your organisational strengths and creating a ‘bounce back’ ability from challenges.

Workplace Images helps determine levels of well-being and resilience by using established scientific measures. Following analysis, support is provided to strengthen organisational well being and resilience at all levels through learning, coaching and mentoring.

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