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More Effective Recruitment
Presentation to the Human Rights Commission
Age-Gender Discrimination at Work
Mapping Manager's Stereotypes

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Workplace Images has a wide range of test instruments, research tools and technology for use in areas such as:

Interpersonal influence
Team effectiveness
Team building
Performance appraisal
Organisational values and beliefs
Organisational change
Workplace communication

Organisational well-being and resilience
Workplace stressors such as constant change, long hours, limited rewards, economic constraints and job insecurity can cause workforce members to adopt negative perceptions about their organisation. Those who survive such stressors have their work expectations dulled which leads to uncertainty and a limited sense of future. 

Workplace Images can identify and renew workforce members’ perceptions, improve workplace well being and resilience and foster shared vision in organisations challenged by continuous change.

Staff respected for an understanding of their organisation’s vision, values and history, as mentors become invaluable learning resources. Mentors provide dedicated in-house learning for their organizations. Workplace Images can equip mentors with the latest skills and tools needed for them to quickly become effective in their workplaces.

Workplace Images develops managers’ coaching skills with an emphasis on:

  • Authentic leadership

  • Emotional competence and resilience

  • Gaining work-life balance

  • Effective communication

This is achieved through self directed learning supported by one-on-one telephone contact.