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Age-Gender Discrimination at Work
Mapping Manager's Stereotypes

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The workplace in becoming more casualised and unstructured has spawned a more subtle form of discrimination, tacit discrimination. Operating outside the individual's consciousness, tacit discrimination can bias judgements and lead to discriminatory workplace decisions.

Consulting and Research

Dr Partridge has consulted to private and public sector organisations throughout Australia and internationally over the past two decades. His research has lead to the identification of managers' workplace images biasing their judgments and creating communication blind spots. Hard to identify stereotypical images have been found to contribute to tacit discrimination by biasing managers' employment decisions, often outside their consciousness.

Dr Partridge's discovery and successful application of the Social Proximity Methodology to the identification and reduction of tacit discrimination has provided organisations with a useful and readily available set of tools to better manage people in their workplaces. 

The Social Proximity Methodology* provides a new and effective way of identifying tacit discrimination and overcoming biased human information processing at work. The methodology provides 21st century set of tools to identify tacit discrimination and address biased workplace communication while building high quality employment decision skills in organisations.

* Patent applied for